Sunday, August 5, 2012

What's been happening?

For the last couple of weeks I've been wondering (to myself) why I don't write. Stuff's happening. Stuff I'll wish I had written down & recorded. But once again, I let so much time pass that I'm not sure where to start.

Here's the excuse I think I'm going to go with...I'm a summer lover. A sun worshiper even. But this summer has been unreal. I've never in my life (ok maybe Arizona) felt like it was just to unbearably hot to do anything outside. Even go to the pool.
  And it seems like the more I stay in the air conditioned indoors, the lazier I get.  I don't write because I'm being really lazy. So now we play catch up...

Serious hotness

Let's go back to June...We've only had Gabi 1 time this summer (boo). It was the 1st weekend of June and we went to Flat Branch Park downtown for "Movie In The Park" and watched The Muppet Movie. We took a blanket and sat in the grass, got snacks, and had a really great night. I didn't enjoy the chigger bites so much, but that's a  small price to pay.

We took Annie to the trail to walk and played on the exercise equipment on the way. The little  pool from a couple years ago got blown up and it still makes her just as happy. And what's a visit with out some bubble blowing and movie watching? 

We've only been able to use the new fire pit like 3 or 4 times. With this hot weather we've also been in a drought. We did have a weenie/ smore roast when the kido was here though. 

Gabi had my phone and was playing games... and taking about 20 pictures along the drive too. 

Fun movie night in the park

Headed out to the trail

She loved all the equipment to play on

Bubbles in the pool

She's completely satisfied to play games, surf Disney sites or stream movies. She's so good.

I'll continue catching up through the week. :o)