Saturday, July 31, 2010

Catch up

My week has been a little wonky!
At work our IT coordinator has been on vacation and of course the server celebrates by frying a motherboard and taking a vacation itself. Leaving 65 agents and 10 staff with no email and 1 day with no internet as well. Let me just say that these people were dragged kicking and screaming into this century, and still can f-up technology like nobodies business. And they FREAK out when they can't email and can't remember that they survived by fax and phone calls not so long ago. That being said, it really sucked! By Thursday afternoon our Tech assistant was almost in tears. Friday morning she looked like she had no sleep, and the president of the IT company that services our servers had been on site since 3 in the morning and looked a little haggard himself. Our Coordinator had been working remotely as well. Good times!
Thursday evening was really fun. I met face to face with some women that I have been conversing with via Twitter. We are tagged as the #comowinegirls. This makes me smile! They are going to be so much fun to meet with! I am very much looking forward to our next "tasting" :o)
Now let me tell you that I am sitting on the floor behind my couch writing this. The reason for this is that my 2 youngest kids left my laptop on last night and it was dead! And when I woke up this morning the oldest was on the couch. . 3 of them under 1 roof, mine. I am a happy mom at this moment truly content and very blessed. One is missing, but she has her one family to contend with and this is life.
And the reason we are all together... it is Wine & Wii Weekend! This started a couple years ago when we bought the Wii and decided to have a bowling tournament. And that has evolved into a day of really good food, beer (this year kegs will join the mix) our super fun friends and family and of course wine & wii. :o)
So here's the deal. I'm going to enjoy the hell out of them while they are here, take tons of pictures and make some great memories!

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Wedding in a hurricane

I went to a wonderful wedding last night. I have known the bride & groom most of their lives and love them bunches... they are very good friends of my youngest daughter & son. The planning that went into this wedding was an amazing thing. The proposal was planned to the letter and was a day long scavenger hunt, makes me tear up to think of it still. The venue was a winery and outside with a tent for the reception. Sounds perfect right?

We have had VERY hot weather this last couple of weeks... I'm talking heat index hitting 110! So we thought super duper deoderant was going to be the issue of the day. What I don't think you think of in July in Missouri is torrential rain, lightning and winds.

I got there to find all the bridesmades, groomsmen, (9 of each) and any guest who could lend a hand trying to get the 300 chairs under the tent, did I mention this was a BIG wedding? The rain had just started to make itself known, but the clouds were black and scary. We knew what was coming, we've all seen this sky before. The ceremony was delayed some to allow for a window in the weather.

This was the window....

Not much of one, but it got them in the tent and up the isle. Let me assure you, they are very much married and on their way to a wonderful sandy beach. And as you can see by the remaining pictures, we had a great time!

Lesson?? It is what you make it.... "Life isn't about waiting for the storm to pass... It's about learning to dance in the rain" And dance in the rain we did!

A toast to love and the faith that you can make it through anything together! Cheers Jamie & Justin!

Danee & Michael are ready to have a great time!

These kids made the most of it!

Cupid Shuffle

Did I mention my kids are a hot mess??

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Why blog

Why, after all this time of reading other's blogs, did I decide to jump into this. It started when I was looking at my My Space page (mostly to see if it was still there!) and read some "blog" posts I made a few years ago. I realized that they were very diary like. I have kept a journal off and on since I was about 12 and although I purged most of those, I think it has helped me retain a lot of memories that would be lost in the deep well of my mind.
I decided that someday I will want to look back at these and remember what was happening at this time in my life. I really wish I had my Garfield notebook that doubled as my diary my Sophomore & Junior year of high school! Oh teenage drama!
So although I am writing this in a forum that others can read, I am writing it so I will remember. Good, bad, and everything in between.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Bucket List

I think almost everybody has a "Bucket List". You may call it something else but you do. I think they start when we are little and hear all the cool things that people do, places they go, you know what I mean.
This week one of the things on my list got checked off.... just not by me. My beautiful friend Kelly, whom I love very much, is in Chicago. I've been to Chicago... in January. We went to a Bears/ Packers game to see what we thought at the time would be Brett Farve's last game. Well we all know how that turned out, right?! Not only is Kelly there, yesterday she went to Wrigley Field! If you aren't sure why this is such a big deal, see the previous post. I love baseball. And I love baseball fields.
She loves me bunches so she sent me 2 texts, pictures actually. 1st was a picture going in of the Wrigley Field sign. It's red, and old and beautiful. And made me cry! I know, I know not a really normal reaction to a picture of a sign. Then came the picture of the field... oh boy! You are under the overhang (kinda dark) and looking onto the field which is amazing and sunny. Just like walking through the bright light into heaven. ☼ Welcome to my head!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

All Star Game

Anyone who knows me knows how much I LOVE baseball. And this week is All Star Week. My Twitter feed is full of all the tweets from people in LA at the game, and all the while I am green with envy.... as green as that perfect baseball grass! I am expecting the American League to take it... again, but who knows. I do know it will be a pitcher's duel.! Happy All Star Day!

Sunday, July 11, 2010

A Start

My mother ( and many others) told me to enjoy my kids when they were young... "Don't blink, they will be grown and gone before you know it!" Yeah, right! was all I could think. My 4 were born in 5 1/2 years. Oh, and yes, I knew what caused it, and yes, I tryed NOT to have 4 in 5 1/2 years, but God obviously had different ideas.

I spent most of today with my oldest, the child of my heart. I don't mean I love him more... just different. At times it was he and I against the world (or felt that way). We watched the World Cup final as Adam napped on the couch. We YouTubed commercials, and he searched for a new phone online. He took great pleasure in texting his girlfriend that his mother also can remember things from before the age of 3, (She swears this is "impossible") and we cleared up a couple of mysteries of those memories... where was the green carpet? what toy had glowing eyes? Ordinary day. Well yes, but for me it was heaven. You see, he had not set foot in my house since I moved in with Adam until about 2 months ago. I never pushed, he has the right to his feelings. I just knew it would change, and it is. Only a few people know how truely thankful I am for this. It is a start...