Saturday, December 31, 2011

Good-bye 2011

Holy cow! It's been 20 days since I've been here. Just been a busy girl. And I HAVE been a little under the weather.  Nyquil was my very good friend for several nights. 

You know that feeling you get when you haven't called your mother back for a few days and you know you need to but the longer you wait the harder it is? No? K, never mind. One of my "resolutions" for the new year is to keep an idea journal. So many thoughts have come into my brain and I have no idea where they're all hanging out but it's not any place I can find them.

So what's been going on? How was your December? Let's see. I had a birthday on the 5th. I turned 45. Here's the strange part. I LOVE my birthday. But this year, I just wasn't looking forward to it at all. I have so much in my life to be thankful for and happy about, and I am. So why was this birthday different than any other? Don't know, but I obviously survived just fine and the rest of the month moved in a speedy blur.

Love this card. So appropriate!

 Another difference this year is my gift stress level. I had almost none. I had a few moments of panic, but over all I enjoyed finding just the right thing for people very much this year. 

One thing that Adam and I did, that I've decreed a tradition is taking a day of shopping downtown. For some things the mall is required and the mall and I are pretty good friends. (Shocking right?) But we spent an afternoon wandering, shopping, eating, even having a few beers. It was such a great time.

Then before you know it- it's Christmas Eve. Adam's family had their celebration on Christmas Eve this year to make things less stressful for his Grandma. She plays organ and piano at church and with Christmas Day falling on Sunday it would have just been too much for her.
I've never been able to go to Christmas with his family so I was excited to spend the day with them. It was great fun. Delicious food, white elephant gifts and even some Raiders vs Chiefs football. Santa came a little early and gave my Raiders a win, salvaged from a HORRIBLE game. 

Adam's 2 Aunts with Baby Cooper. Brady was sick so he had to keep his distance.

Chad & Erin

Merry Christmas Grace face! Looks like a yummy cinnamon roll! 

Poor Gabi is doing her best at trying to be patient

Cameron and Casey would rather have slept until noon and started after that!

The paper may have been her favorite part of the day. No surprise there!
 The girls got a doll house from GG and Grampa (my mom & dad) and it was all over after that. They love it. Gabi (of course) made sure everyone had a family member to play with and that all was well. We had a room full of dolls, Easy Bake Oven, Tinker Bell "stuff", princess dresses, etc. Annie and I headed out with quite a bit of glitter on us. 
They play together really well.

Myla Marie was sick, but you could never tell. She had a great day and 2 wardrobe changes after her original jammies. Oh yes, she is her mommy's girl. 
This one can turn on the "camera face" like nobody's business. 

Outfit #3
 I had a great day with kids and babies. Christmas still needs to be tweeked a little bit to accommodate our unconventional family, but we'll get there. After the day with those kids and babies, Adam and
 I headed home to have our Christmas. I really look forward to this time that we spend together. It doesn't hurt that he's a FANTASTIC gift giver.  He bought me this amazing bag . No secret, I'm a shoe and bag girl. Left to my own devices I would buy one of those and live on cereal or ramen for a while. Camera bag that's also a very stylish handbag? Yes please! Then to make things even better, inside that bag was a gift certificate to see my favorite stylist. I probably spend a little too much on my hair too... but I earned it people.  

So off I went on New Years Eve Eve (that would be yesterday) to start off the year right. No roots and fabulous hair! 
Stephanie keeps me from totally wrecking my own hair

I'm about as emotional as it comes, so today is always a day I spend thinking just a little too much for my own good. My brain thinks it's time to reminisce and get all teary and sad about times that are gone. Especially New Years gone by... the one when Cameron was 2 and I kept him up with me to watch the ball drop. Or the one that Danee and I spent in London. Or the one Adam and I were in Chicago. 

2011 has been a pretty good year for me. I have some amazing people in my life right now. Ones that I hope will be 
there for many sappy rants to come.  

Here's my wish for 2012- that we all continue to grow into the people we are meant to be. Not in a ridiculous "perfect person" way. Just to be the best you can be right now. 


Sunday, December 11, 2011

Flowers that make me smile

I had a birthday this week. Adam bought these bright, sunny lilies. Perfect. They're still beautiful and making me happy. Hope you had a happy week too!



Saturday, November 26, 2011

Thanksgiving though the lens of a 6 year old

Thanksgiving with the kids has been on Black Friday for the last few years and I really like it that way. On Friday I fly under the radar and have yet to have to compete with other dinners or family obligations. 

So this year I handed Gabi the point and shoot and told her to go at it. Adam made sure the wrist band was securely wrapped so she wouldn't drop it and off she went. 

Ray and his ever present coffee. He's worse than I am!

9 pictures of the pages of the Ben & Jerry's book

One of our traditions is to watch Home for the Holidays . LOVE this movie.

Food coma time

My digital frame.... 24 pictures of pictures.   :o)

Silly Maggie

The tooth fairy has been working overtime with this kido

Adam was doing a little Black Friday browsing. Maybe for my birthday? LOL

We're going to have to work on her "shoot and run" technique. Makes for some blurry photos. She'll get it.

Worn out puppy

This one stuck pretty close to my side all day

I had an amazing day. Every single time we can all be together is a gift. I'm so lucky that the brats want to have days like this. You want to talk about thankful, I have so much to be thankful for. Once again I'm one happy mama. Oh, and Nana!

Hope your day was just as fabulous as mine!



Friday, November 25, 2011


We sure did. We had some napping, card playing, reading, and football watching going on. It was pretty great. All of it except the part where people got sick. In fact, after we had driven down Friday night, I was ready to go home Saturday morning. I mean come on if we had caught that nasty little bug, we would have been stranded. But we decided to stay. Hmmm... now that I think of it was more like we just never made the decision to leave. 

Chad & Kelly 

Adam, Meg & Taryn


It's such a perfect setting

This does not suck. Coffee and a perfect view was a great way to spent part of my morning.



Saturday, November 19, 2011

We're out

We're somewhere new this weekend. I've been listening to stories and looking at pictures of this magical place for years. But, until now we've not been allowed to enter the inner sanctum. Just jokin'. Kinda.

We're in Arkansas. In a cabin. On a river. I slept this afternoon a long time. We've played cards, played on tablets and computers, read. It's pretty awesome. 

There's been a major glitch, but overall it's great.

We took the scenic route. Life's too short to take the interstate...

The required Dr Pepper and Cherry Chocolate Dr Pepper

The driveway to River Pines
See you in a couple days.



Tuesday, November 15, 2011


So I've spent the last 2 days on the phone with banks and credit card companies. I did something Friday I've NEVER done.  I lost my wallet. 

We got up Saturday morning and got ready to head to the football game. I went to get my lip gloss out of my handbag. My little black zipper bag wasn't there! I went to the truck and looked, dumped out the contents of my bag, but nope no make-up bag. Then Adam in his bring me back to earth way says "Where's your wallet?!"  WHAT?! It's got to be here somewhere. No, I guess it doesn't. 

The theory goes like this. We had a fun evening with friends on Friday and just before we headed home I went into the restroom and left my bag sitting next to Adam. My wallet and make-up ended up on the floor and I walked out none-the-wiser. The room we were in is dark, the benches and chairs are black, even the floor is painted black. So, were my items. We left fairly early so more people surly sat in that same spot and someone must have found it. I can only believe that they needed them more than I did. 

The banks and card companies have been great. Bank of America has given me a temp card so I'm not with out for the next 10 days. They've all had great customer service and taken good care of me. And not one person chastised me or did I feel like they were rolling their eyes at my stupidity. 

I promise to be a better watcher of my stuff from now on. I've learned my lessons. (Oh and I'm still pissed about my make-up!)




Sunday, November 13, 2011

Time sure flies

This baby made me a mama. On November 13, 1983 my life changed forever. I was 16 and completely over my head. So I did the best I knew how and we grew up together. What a ride.  
1 week old

8 months old

Cameron Dennis, I love you. Happy Birthday! 



Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Adventures in the pumpkin patch

We had the girls last weekend. All 4 of them. Actually Danee was here too, so it wasn't as crazy as it would have been. But all the same it left me exhausted. 

Friday night after baths we watched some Halloween shows which included (of course) It's the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown. 

For the 1st time ever we slept until 8. It's a record for a Nana visit without a doubt. We made waffles and then went outside for a little bubble blowing.

 Early afternoon we headed off for our annual trip to
Peach Tree Farm . It's our 2nd year, but traditions have to start somewhere!

Goats were fed, giant catfish were gawked at. And of course there are the bunnies. Now I have to tell you I was afraid for those bunnies. Once Grace had hold it was quite a task to get it away from her without choking the poor little guy. It was also at the risk of firing up a pretty hot 2 year old temper. Let's just say we had a meltdown in front of Bunnyville. NOT PRETTY.

Good lord. This girl is killing me. She is getting so big, and it's just way too fast. Her mama was just her age. I know, I know- I say that all the time but it's TRUE. Now do you see why this blog is called Don't Blink??

This one will conform to my will won't she? She'll stay little for much longer than the rest. Yeah, right. She's almost 7 months old already.

Which reminds me- I MAY be having a panic attack over my birthday. I'll keep you posted.

Silly silly girls.

Gracie is wearing a headband as a necklace. I tried and tried to explain how to wear it, but was informed it's a NECKLACE. *sigh* If you're interested in having your own 'necklace' head over to visit Christa. Her stuff is awesome! 

We had a little costume parade when we got home. Their costumes this year were precious. 
Our little Cleopatra 

She's a bat. 

Grace was a pirate, but you're going to have to take my word for it. She wouldn't let me anywhere near her with the camera at this point. Sheesh! 

And Miss Myla was a pumpkin. That couldn't have been more perfect considering how round she is. 

This is one of my favorite pictures ever. Not better sound that kids laughing and this 3 year old can bring it. She laughed and laughed. As you can tell, Myla is just trying to figure out why her cousin has gone nuts. 

Worn out babies. And I couldn't agree more.