Tuesday, November 15, 2011


So I've spent the last 2 days on the phone with banks and credit card companies. I did something Friday I've NEVER done.  I lost my wallet. 

We got up Saturday morning and got ready to head to the football game. I went to get my lip gloss out of my handbag. My little black zipper bag wasn't there! I went to the truck and looked, dumped out the contents of my bag, but nope no make-up bag. Then Adam in his bring me back to earth way says "Where's your wallet?!"  WHAT?! It's got to be here somewhere. No, I guess it doesn't. 

The theory goes like this. We had a fun evening with friends on Friday and just before we headed home I went into the restroom and left my bag sitting next to Adam. My wallet and make-up ended up on the floor and I walked out none-the-wiser. The room we were in is dark, the benches and chairs are black, even the floor is painted black. So, were my items. We left fairly early so more people surly sat in that same spot and someone must have found it. I can only believe that they needed them more than I did. 

The banks and card companies have been great. Bank of America has given me a temp card so I'm not with out for the next 10 days. They've all had great customer service and taken good care of me. And not one person chastised me or did I feel like they were rolling their eyes at my stupidity. 

I promise to be a better watcher of my stuff from now on. I've learned my lessons. (Oh and I'm still pissed about my make-up!)





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