Saturday, November 26, 2011

Thanksgiving though the lens of a 6 year old

Thanksgiving with the kids has been on Black Friday for the last few years and I really like it that way. On Friday I fly under the radar and have yet to have to compete with other dinners or family obligations. 

So this year I handed Gabi the point and shoot and told her to go at it. Adam made sure the wrist band was securely wrapped so she wouldn't drop it and off she went. 

Ray and his ever present coffee. He's worse than I am!

9 pictures of the pages of the Ben & Jerry's book

One of our traditions is to watch Home for the Holidays . LOVE this movie.

Food coma time

My digital frame.... 24 pictures of pictures.   :o)

Silly Maggie

The tooth fairy has been working overtime with this kido

Adam was doing a little Black Friday browsing. Maybe for my birthday? LOL

We're going to have to work on her "shoot and run" technique. Makes for some blurry photos. She'll get it.

Worn out puppy

This one stuck pretty close to my side all day

I had an amazing day. Every single time we can all be together is a gift. I'm so lucky that the brats want to have days like this. You want to talk about thankful, I have so much to be thankful for. Once again I'm one happy mama. Oh, and Nana!

Hope your day was just as fabulous as mine!




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