Sunday, November 6, 2011

Vacation 2011- The final chapter

I'm a girl with true wanderlust. I'm forever thinking of places I want to go, see and visit. So vacation usually consists of traveling here or there, but we covered a lot of ground in our own backyard this time. And it was really a lot of fun planning things to show friends. Showing off a little.

One of my favorite places in Kansas City is "The Plaza" . Good shopping, good food, beautiful architecture and a fascinating history. A very fun place to spend the day.  

We wandered, shopped, took photos and had a yummy sushi dinner.
A replica of "The Wild Boar of Florence" by Benelli. This one was cast in 1922 by JC Nichols the creator of The Plaza.

The architecture was designed to duplicate Seville, Spain. This is the Giralda Tower. It's inspiration is at the Cathedral of Seville. 

Then early Sunday morning we were off the the races.To Kansas Speedway we went.  The tailgating flags at a NASCAR event put football to shame. There's a whole lot going on pre-race.

We even did a little car shopping

So, even though races are not my favorite things to do (I've been to a few before) I LOVED seeing Todd enjoy himself so much. 

It's like looking at ants. This is what about 82.000 people look like. 

I'm a sucker for ceremony. All kinds. Even in all this chaos and craziness there's ceremony and respect. Funny place to find it, isn't it. 

These are Courtney's A-10's and "her boys". These are the pilots she is assigned to at Whiteman AFB.

The radios were a new thing for me. You hear some great stuff when you listen the the drivers, they get a little cranky out there when things aren't going right.

CoMo's own Carl Edwards in the 99 car. 

Turns out, you can have lots of fun even out of your element if you're with the right people.

We've started making plans for a once a year adventure with these guys. Can't wait!




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