Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Another milestone...

Last Sunday a very important ritual, and right of passage took place. I took Gabriella Danielle, the oldest of the Reece's Pieces shopping for kindergarten clothes. Her mother and #2 sister went too, and we had a really great day.
In June sometime, her Papa told her that if I would take her, he would pay for her school clothes. Never being one to pass up using my ex's money, I accepted the challenge!
I wanted to make an early start of it, because in the college town they live in it was also "move in weekend" and I really didn't want to be anywhere near there to shop! Besides, we were looking for Miss Gabi's "holy grail" of shoes... come on, we all have 'em!
We head toward Kansas City and here is where we started~

An hour or so later (I'm a quite a shopper, even with kids!) We had this to show for our time and trying on. I have to say, this girl is a wonder! We did not have 1 cross word about anything. It was one of the easiest, most pleasant back to school shopping trip I have ever had with girls... those who have them know what I mean! Now, when you look at this picture you zero in on one thing right away! My sweet girl's bangs. I am sorry to say that she has the same odd gene that her mother had. It makes you cut your own bangs the minute they start bugging you. Ask an adult? Naahhh! I'll do it myself!! I am even more sorry to say that this happened on my watch.

Isn't the pink tutu skirt to die for?? It looks so cute with the brown with pink & white polka dot leggings and top! LOVE it!

Ok! Across the parking lot we go to Target for school supplies. This turned out to the the most trying part of the trip. First the girls were getting hungry. Never a good thing for a 5 year and a 2 year old. Then we decided to prepare Gabi for the fact that she didn't get to keep all of her markers and crayons, etc herself. They go into a class box and everyone uses them. Not a happy girl. Now you have to understand, this 5 year old has 2 younger sisters. Anything that she can have that is hers is monumental. That said she shares so well! In fact, later you'll see how she can't let her sisters be left out! But she so wanted those school supplies! I'm lovin' the Hello Kitty backpack she picked out.

Magdalena Elizabeth is sporting her adorable new hat. Miss Maggie is starting to droop a little, but just needed some lunch!
Still just silly enough to play shy!

Lunch out of the way and on to our search for the "Holy Grail"... Sketcher's Twinkle Toe's. Thank you so much Nickelodeon! Thank you shoe fairy for pointing us in the right direction. After Gabi had made her choice she found a pair for her sister and championed Maggie and they won. Both were so happy! Tinker Bell & Twinkle Toes.

Twinkle Toe's Gabi. I love this baby so much it hurts. I love that I got to share this with her.
So we had a LONG day, but it was awesome! And after it was all said & done we were happy and tired! I LOVE being the Nana! :o)

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Flip flop intervention...

Adam & I had a conversation at the beginning of summer when I came home with 2 new pairs of flip flops. "How many pairs do you need?" was asked and I really didn't know how to answer. Did he really want a number? Or was he being funny.... hmmm
Fast forward to last night. We were getting ready to go to a bar-b-que at Jen & John's, and as I'm getting ready I pull out the fabric bags that hold my flip flops and realize... I have more than I thought.
Right now I stand at 13, and there is a pair under my desk at work. You know, just in case my feet hurt from the heels (I have lots of those too). There are leather, and plastic, many colors and lots of black.

Do you see the missing brown one? Not sure what happened there, and no, it's not under my bed! :o)
Happy Lazy Sunday!


Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Wine & Wii Weekend

This was a brainstorm that came about from a friend's trip to Herman and the purchase of our Wii. It was a brilliant concept which is why we are on our 3rd annual!

Kelly was the first to arrive on Friday evening. After we made our normal trek to the grocery store, we settled in with sandwich fixin's ready to visit and catch up. My Kelly recently announced that she is going to be a Mommy after nearly 2 years of trying! Yay for babies! Danee & Casey got there later in the evening and I was pretty content I must say. Thinking Cameron would make his appearance Saturday, I hiked it upstairs and went to bed myself. Something very unusual happened during the night. Cam arrived and I heard NOTHING! I woke up to this sight and I have to admit it made me smile...

So after coffee (duh!) we started on some prep for the shrimp boil ....

Adam is a cutting fool! He's awesome.

Looks AMAZING don't ya think? I'm not gonna lie.... it was!

Cameron & Casey are getting started with the games

Jake, Danee & Cameron
Ya gotta love him!

Now, I have to tell you, Darla was not supposed to be coming. I was told she was going on a float trip & just couldn't make it... it was a big fat lie. And I LOVED the surprise. And the fact that 2 people, that can't keep a secret kept if for quite a while was pretty amazing too. *big smile*
Everyone had a great time. We enjoyed each other's company, had a lot of laughs, great food and we added a keg this year for the boys.... not just wine! As I have said before, Cameron has just started coming out to see me and for 3 of the kids to be here at once was a gift... that is the only way to put it!

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Quote of note

It has been a wonderful weekend with friends, 3 of my wonderful, fun & full of life kids, and my amazing man. My heart is full and I feel really blessed. Like someone given a chance they didn't think they would get. I'll share details of the weekend tomorrow...
Right now I want to share this quote that has turned me to mush & rocked me to my core.....

"I watched you play today....and I can't believe you are mine. Everything about you amazes me--each pudgy finger, the curl of your perfect lips, the mess of lashes that bless your beautiful eyes...Baby, you are mine." Kelle Hampton

If you are not reading this blog, do yourself a huge favor and give it a read... Enjoying The Small Things

But what came to my mind after wiping my tears is this... Your babies are not your babies for long, enjoy them at every age because every age is a new adventure.