Sunday, August 1, 2010

Quote of note

It has been a wonderful weekend with friends, 3 of my wonderful, fun & full of life kids, and my amazing man. My heart is full and I feel really blessed. Like someone given a chance they didn't think they would get. I'll share details of the weekend tomorrow...
Right now I want to share this quote that has turned me to mush & rocked me to my core.....

"I watched you play today....and I can't believe you are mine. Everything about you amazes me--each pudgy finger, the curl of your perfect lips, the mess of lashes that bless your beautiful eyes...Baby, you are mine." Kelle Hampton

If you are not reading this blog, do yourself a huge favor and give it a read... Enjoying The Small Things

But what came to my mind after wiping my tears is this... Your babies are not your babies for long, enjoy them at every age because every age is a new adventure.



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