Saturday, July 31, 2010

Catch up

My week has been a little wonky!
At work our IT coordinator has been on vacation and of course the server celebrates by frying a motherboard and taking a vacation itself. Leaving 65 agents and 10 staff with no email and 1 day with no internet as well. Let me just say that these people were dragged kicking and screaming into this century, and still can f-up technology like nobodies business. And they FREAK out when they can't email and can't remember that they survived by fax and phone calls not so long ago. That being said, it really sucked! By Thursday afternoon our Tech assistant was almost in tears. Friday morning she looked like she had no sleep, and the president of the IT company that services our servers had been on site since 3 in the morning and looked a little haggard himself. Our Coordinator had been working remotely as well. Good times!
Thursday evening was really fun. I met face to face with some women that I have been conversing with via Twitter. We are tagged as the #comowinegirls. This makes me smile! They are going to be so much fun to meet with! I am very much looking forward to our next "tasting" :o)
Now let me tell you that I am sitting on the floor behind my couch writing this. The reason for this is that my 2 youngest kids left my laptop on last night and it was dead! And when I woke up this morning the oldest was on the couch. . 3 of them under 1 roof, mine. I am a happy mom at this moment truly content and very blessed. One is missing, but she has her one family to contend with and this is life.
And the reason we are all together... it is Wine & Wii Weekend! This started a couple years ago when we bought the Wii and decided to have a bowling tournament. And that has evolved into a day of really good food, beer (this year kegs will join the mix) our super fun friends and family and of course wine & wii. :o)
So here's the deal. I'm going to enjoy the hell out of them while they are here, take tons of pictures and make some great memories!


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