Sunday, July 25, 2010

Wedding in a hurricane

I went to a wonderful wedding last night. I have known the bride & groom most of their lives and love them bunches... they are very good friends of my youngest daughter & son. The planning that went into this wedding was an amazing thing. The proposal was planned to the letter and was a day long scavenger hunt, makes me tear up to think of it still. The venue was a winery and outside with a tent for the reception. Sounds perfect right?

We have had VERY hot weather this last couple of weeks... I'm talking heat index hitting 110! So we thought super duper deoderant was going to be the issue of the day. What I don't think you think of in July in Missouri is torrential rain, lightning and winds.

I got there to find all the bridesmades, groomsmen, (9 of each) and any guest who could lend a hand trying to get the 300 chairs under the tent, did I mention this was a BIG wedding? The rain had just started to make itself known, but the clouds were black and scary. We knew what was coming, we've all seen this sky before. The ceremony was delayed some to allow for a window in the weather.

This was the window....

Not much of one, but it got them in the tent and up the isle. Let me assure you, they are very much married and on their way to a wonderful sandy beach. And as you can see by the remaining pictures, we had a great time!

Lesson?? It is what you make it.... "Life isn't about waiting for the storm to pass... It's about learning to dance in the rain" And dance in the rain we did!

A toast to love and the faith that you can make it through anything together! Cheers Jamie & Justin!

Danee & Michael are ready to have a great time!

These kids made the most of it!

Cupid Shuffle

Did I mention my kids are a hot mess??

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  1. Omg mama!! I absolutely love this! Such a fun night that everyone thought would be ruined by the rain but, it turned out to be so perfect. I'm still shocked at the number of guests we shoved in that tearful, wet, drunken tent. I wouldn't trade that night for anything, I don't think our wedding party would have either. Xo :)