Saturday, July 17, 2010

Bucket List

I think almost everybody has a "Bucket List". You may call it something else but you do. I think they start when we are little and hear all the cool things that people do, places they go, you know what I mean.
This week one of the things on my list got checked off.... just not by me. My beautiful friend Kelly, whom I love very much, is in Chicago. I've been to Chicago... in January. We went to a Bears/ Packers game to see what we thought at the time would be Brett Farve's last game. Well we all know how that turned out, right?! Not only is Kelly there, yesterday she went to Wrigley Field! If you aren't sure why this is such a big deal, see the previous post. I love baseball. And I love baseball fields.
She loves me bunches so she sent me 2 texts, pictures actually. 1st was a picture going in of the Wrigley Field sign. It's red, and old and beautiful. And made me cry! I know, I know not a really normal reaction to a picture of a sign. Then came the picture of the field... oh boy! You are under the overhang (kinda dark) and looking onto the field which is amazing and sunny. Just like walking through the bright light into heaven. ☼ Welcome to my head!


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