Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Wine & Wii Weekend

This was a brainstorm that came about from a friend's trip to Herman and the purchase of our Wii. It was a brilliant concept which is why we are on our 3rd annual!

Kelly was the first to arrive on Friday evening. After we made our normal trek to the grocery store, we settled in with sandwich fixin's ready to visit and catch up. My Kelly recently announced that she is going to be a Mommy after nearly 2 years of trying! Yay for babies! Danee & Casey got there later in the evening and I was pretty content I must say. Thinking Cameron would make his appearance Saturday, I hiked it upstairs and went to bed myself. Something very unusual happened during the night. Cam arrived and I heard NOTHING! I woke up to this sight and I have to admit it made me smile...

So after coffee (duh!) we started on some prep for the shrimp boil ....

Adam is a cutting fool! He's awesome.

Looks AMAZING don't ya think? I'm not gonna lie.... it was!

Cameron & Casey are getting started with the games

Jake, Danee & Cameron
Ya gotta love him!

Now, I have to tell you, Darla was not supposed to be coming. I was told she was going on a float trip & just couldn't make it... it was a big fat lie. And I LOVED the surprise. And the fact that 2 people, that can't keep a secret kept if for quite a while was pretty amazing too. *big smile*
Everyone had a great time. We enjoyed each other's company, had a lot of laughs, great food and we added a keg this year for the boys.... not just wine! As I have said before, Cameron has just started coming out to see me and for 3 of the kids to be here at once was a gift... that is the only way to put it!

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