Saturday, April 28, 2012

Easter- our own way

Just like last year we took the girls the week AFTER Easter. 

The memories we build now are so precious to. Every activity, project.  Maybe most of all, our movie/ snuggle time.

Hilarious! Gabi & Gracie made a kite. Kinda. It didn't fly, but that really didn't seem to matter at all. They ran and chased and pulled that kite all over the yard, and had a blast doing it. It's amazing what a piece of construction paper, tape, yarn and a ribbon can turn into.

Awww Grace face

Ray says "She will end you with end you with love and glitter" That's about right.

The Easter Bunny loves her job around here. 

Gotta love some good bed head, right? This age is priceless. They get so excited at an outfit, some flip-flops and sunglasses. Only a few pieces of candy.

She's getting so big. 

This is a new tradition that I hope to keep up for a very long time.


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