Sunday, April 29, 2012

365 Days

Do you remember the days when it took absolutely FOREVER for your birthday to come? That's sure not the case of the group of sweet babies that came into my life last year. 
These 1st birthdays came so fast that even I'm having a hard time wrapping my head around it. 
A year's worth of pictures. One month at a time. 

She made all the decorations herself. I marvel how my baby girl has changed due to her baby girl. 

 These were delish! I don't know who made them, but yummy!

I love these two. What would my life have been like if Kelly hadn't come into it. Not nearly as wonderful. 

Mr Mikah  has his 1st birthday coming up soon too. What a sweet boy he is. He had, they found out that night, a double ear infection and smiled and showed off for everyone. But when he doesn't feel good he loves his g-pa. Poor Bubbers.

Dan says she looks like either a Sumo wrestler or Godzilla smashing a city when she walks.... she might just have something there.

Danee's friend Katie made the Smash Cake. Looks like Myla... chubby cuteness with a headband.

A ham. This girl is a HUGE ham! She obviously loved being sung to. Besides she knew there were cameras and everyone was looking at her. Not a lot of digging in on the cake though. 

See what I mean about the cameras. Good grief, we've created a monster. 

Hi sweet Em. She stuck close to her Mama where it was safe.

Yay for presents! Here attention lasted for a few and then she was done.

Adam & I bought her a new big girl car seat and that's where she sat while the presents were opened. 

Happy Birthday Myla Marie. I hope you always feel as loved as you did this day.




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