Monday, May 7, 2012

Bully bird

So, if I hadn't seen some of this with my own eyes I would have never put some of it together...

I'm in the living room and Annie starts barking. I think that it's the dogs next door- when she's in the house she pretty tough and barks at them. Then I hear it. What I think is someone knocking on the glass door. I go back there, and there's nobody there. Again with the knock, and again, no one. It's strange, but I don't give it a whole lot more thought. I won't lie, I can get worked up about nothing pretty fast, so be proud of me. 

The next day when I get home it's obvious there has been a bird by the back door..... it actually looked like a FLOCK of birds had been there. Eeeww.  And the door itself is filthy.


Then we spot this guy. He was sitting on the railing of the deck and dive bombing the door.

After that it was pretty easy to put the pieces together. He sees himself in the door and then runs into it as he's showing off. And at the same time- the little girl whose crate is on the other side of that door is losing her mind. She seriously does not like that robin.


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