Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Bathroom reno

I've shown you before what a talented, self taught carpenter/ cabinet maker Adam is. The pieces of furniture around my house are many and he's made a lot of pieces for friends also. 

This particular project came about more than a year ago. Dinner with good friends and a discussion about the renovation they wanted to do on their bathroom and by the end of it Adam had asked if he could build a cabinet for it. I really think it took some time to convince them that he was serious about it, but once Jen & John decided on Midwest Remodeling and Renovation   to do the work Adam started his drawings. 

It turned out better than even I had anticipated! Just beautiful. 
They decided to go with oak. That thing is going to last FOREVER

Door panels were a great excuse for new router bits

Almost there!

The hardware choice and dark stain made it much more contemporary
Jen & John did all their own demo for this project and even found some cool old wine bottles inside the walls. The rest was done by the remodeling company, but the before and afters are so amazing I've got to share. 

After... the tub and pedestal sink were re-glazed since they are original to the house  


Almost done


It was such an amazing transformation, and that cabinet is absolute perfection. There's still the upper to make when he has time to take a breath. 




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