Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Much loved visitors

Hope you had a great weekend. I know I did. Two of my favorite ladies in the world came for a visit! Kelly & Emerson were here and we did as little as possible. We worked very hard at relaxing.

We did head over to the Farmer's Market just to look around and see what we might need. This week, what I need ended up being some meat and a pumpkin. 
I didn't catch their names but they were really good!

These gourds were so cool

I got a pumpkin with lots of warts

Emerson is a great pumpkin picker-outer

Love them

This kid is one mean bubble blower

Hangin' at the park with Aunt Lissa
  Saturday, my friend Jenny came over for dinner and Adam grilled us an amazing meal.

I'm so thankful for the weekends I have with my friends. 




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