Thursday, September 27, 2012

Another one turns 1!

Adam's cousin Chad & his wife Jennie's little boy Cooper turned 1 this last week. A birthday party for a 1 year old is an sketchy deal... most of the time the little one doesn't enjoy it very much and yet we put them through  the circus of it.  

Jennie & a friend made the cake and did such a great job.

 And the smash cake looked to adorable to eat

This little guy is a trooper. And he can eat some serious cake! He didn't seem too interested until Daddy put it up to his mouth and then it was on.


 Turned into this! Auntie Erin to the rescue.

 On the way home week took the scenic route and stopped at Peter's Market  for some apples... but mostly just because it's fun.

Hope you're able to take the fun, scenic route soon! 




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