Sunday, September 23, 2012

A visit to the Titanic

In April of 1912 the Titanic did what everyone thought was impossible. It sank. And since that time the world held the ship, crew and all aboard in complete fascination. 

We visited Union Station in KC with Danee, EJ, Jamie & Miss Myla to see the exhibit for the 100 year anniversary. I've always been fascinated with the subject and it doesn't hurt that Cameron is obsessed with all things Titanic, and has been since he was pretty young. 

We visited the permanent attraction in Branson , a few years ago and I really enjoyed it. They kept me happy with the history, even teaching me a few things. But kept it entertaining too. 

This exhibit was smaller than I thought it would be, but just like the introduction said, it really is an an artifact exhibition. A lot of heart wrenching, take your breath away artifacts. Shoes, glasses, a brief case.The thought that they once belonged to someone, held by them, worn by them... Wow.

I got in trouble for taking pictures. Yes, I'm very well aware that photos are not allowed inside an exhibit. When we walked in I took the 2 pictures above. The little old lady (Walmart greeter variety) at the door made a comment about this being the last room I could take photos in. What she MEANT was that the entry was the only room. I took one in the foyer of some period costumes and she went Photography Nazi on me. So I apologized ( a little) and off we went. 

We each got a boarding pass- even Myla. They chose a random male or female card and in we went.  At the very end there's a wall with the names of all passengers and you search until you find what your fate was.

Adam's passenger- he lived

My passenger- I lived too. 

Pete was pouting when we went to meet them. She had been standing on the coffee table so Mommy called her a  "bad baby". Think she  knows how to play that one?

After Union Station we went to The Cashew  a cute little spot downtown with great sandwiches. I've wanted to go for ages but never think of it when we're close by so this was the day. 
She was such a good girl even though it was a long day for her.

It was a good day. But what day isn't when you can hang out with some of the people you love the most.


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