Thursday, January 3, 2013

Christmas sleepover with the Reece's Pieces

The girls came a couple weeks before Christmas and a great time was had by all. We had all the normal things going on. Coloring, movies complete with popcorn, manis and pedis, games and tea party.

There was also quite wrestling match 
 We used my Christmas dishes for our tea party. I bought these Christmas of 1989 and love them. I need to find more so I have enough settings. 
The girls decided they don't really like tea though.

 We went to Bass Pro to visit Santa too. We got there early enough that the line wasn't around the store!
She's getting so stinkin big!

She wouldn't sit with him when they went for preschool but decided this was "the real one" She looks so serious but she chatted with him a while before the photo. This one is getting too big too.

Oh Maggie Beth. Our little 4 year old space cadet. She's such a sweet girl. So excited to see Santa too!

These weekends get easier and easier as they get older. I hope the day never comes that they don't want the spend the weekend with us. Can't wait for the next time!




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