Monday, January 7, 2013

It's a wonderful life

Since I posted the other girl's Santa photo I had to do Myla's too. 

I love Christmas. And there are 5 little girls that make it so much fun! They are all at such great ages, there were many happy squeals throughout  the morning.

Courtney and Ray had a bit of a glitch with their Christmas morning. I guess Grace decided to get up and open ALL the gifts. Lucky for her, her sisters were very understanding. 

It's so hard to wait to open all these pretty packages

This one has her uncle's wrapped around her little finger
She knew exactly what to do with those wrapped boxes

She love the hat her Aunt Amy made her and "The King And The Lion" movie
4 is a magical age for Christmas. Everything was just what she wanted!

Blurry photo complete with closed eyes courtesy of Miss Gabi
She has him playing Dora so she can watch  ☺

Don't worry, this baby bounces. She was right back on after this. 
Another Gabi shot

Rapunzel doll with matching dress from Nana & Adam 

Danee is so creative! She made this adorable kitchen for all the girls. It stays at their Papa's house to play with.

And if you want to talk about creative, this one wins the prize. I love clocks. I have a wall that has clocks or photos of clocks that I've seen but couldn't bring home. Big Ben being the perfect example of that. This kid knows me inside and out. Danee made her way around Kansas City and took photos of different clocks. And while that would be so cool in itself she kicked it up a notch or two. There are 9 clocks- 1 for each of my babies and their babies. The times she recorded on each clock represent each of their birthdays. So Danee's clock is top center and the time on it is 2:25- her birthday is February 25th. And on it goes. EJ said she'd get up and say "I gotta go!" and he'd know she was off to a clock. Truly one of the very best gifts I've every received!  ♥

Adam & I do our Christmas on Christmas night. After all the craziness of both of our days it's nice to get home, put on my pj's relax. 

 Love my coffee makers!  ♥

I hope you all had as good of a Christmas as I did!




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