Sunday, February 3, 2013

And Gweny makes 5

 What a week! It really started last Thursday morning with a call from Courtney. She had been having some pretty good labor pains since the middle of the night and they were headed in to get checked. Her due date is February 9th so I figured we still had a couple weeks, but posted this picture with a comment that it would be a beautiful day to have a baby.

 Sure enough, home they went. One discouraged mama and a helpless daddy that just wanted to get it over with.

We got through the next few days with no more drama- like how I say WE?

Then Tuesday morning I got the call. They were headed back to the hospital. Her water broke in the night and so I'm quoting Ray here, "Thundercats are a go". God I love my family!

Unfortunately there were things at work that had to be taken care of (I had until 9am to get payroll done) so when I got the call that she had progressed from a 5 to a 9 in 1/2 hour, I knew I was going to miss being there for this baby girl. 
Gwndolyn Isabella Ruth
7lbs 14oz 20 1/4 inches
Of course instead of the beautiful weather of a few days before I got this, and it was a "pull over and wait it out" storm. 
Right after this was taken most of the cars on both side pulled over to let it pass a little.

I got through the storm eventually and made it to meet our sweet Gweny. We just hung out all day and took turns holding her and remembering the past 4 girls birth-days. Each had their own little dramas of course!
Myla just hangin' with her Auntie playing the piano
After school here came the girls to meet their sister. When their g-pa picked them up at the crack of dawn, Grace had asked her Mama if they were going to "take apart her belly" to get the baby out. So sure enough she walked in the room and wanted to see Court's belly to make sure all was well. 

Gabi meets her baby sister. Melts my heart.

Gwen has dimples like our Grace

Myla entertained herself while Maggie gets to know her sister.

Myla was in no way impressed with her new cousin.

So now there are 5 little girls in our lives. I can't wait to see, not only how she fits into the mix, but how she cuts out her own place in it.



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  1. Precious!! :) Congratulations to the whole family.