Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Chairs for my office

About a year ago I found these chairs in the basement at work. I fell in love with them. I told my boss I wanted to buy them and she said, "You can have them!"  The plan has been to re-upholster them, but I did a little research- they are Good Form Furniture Co- so I didn't want to alter them that much myself. So plan B- just cover them.

Bad pics- sorry

I love the aluminum frame.
Our little photo bomber is back too.

These are super sturdy, but the padding is rock hard and they wouldn't really come clean. I added a layer of padding before the fabric and the upholstery is held on with clips so I (Adam) just had to remove those and reused them.

I'm not going to lie, I fought with this one. I get frustrated easily, and walked away to let it sit more than a few times. But I'm stuck at home again today with a snow day, so I had no excuse not to get it done. 

I'm pretty happy with the how it turned out. Now to get the other one finished! 




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