Thursday, November 4, 2010

Miss Annie

We have a new member of our family. My sweet, spoiled 12 year old doxie, Jackson, got very sick this spring and we lost him in just a couple days later. Devastating doesn't cover it really. He was my kid. He was a beer drinking dog, and loved road trips where I drove and he could ride on Adam's lap and they could share a Sam.

I really didn't think that I would want a puppy again within the year, but as we started talking about it, I just kept saying "After we get home from Vacation". And that's what happened. Something just switched in me and I started looking. Newspapers, shelters & 2nd chance facilities. Then my dear friend Jo, who had know Jackson since I brought him home, started checking Craigslist for me. After lots of un-returned phone calls & emails I got a response and she text me a picture within 5 minutes. And now we have Annie. Right now she is 6 pounds and a ball of psycho energy. And we love her!

Jackson's full AKC name was Shoeless Joe Jackson. The baseball theme reigns supreme in my world. And we had been looking for a male black & tan doxie, and Adam had a name all ready. Well, we got a sweet little girl instead. She broke my chi already, but no shoes have been mangled, so sweet still applies! I had to come up with a name... it ended up being pretty easy. Annie is the character Susan Sarandon played in Bull Durham, and is in my top 5 favorite movies ever!

So here she is napping & already bigger! She is a hot mess which makes her a perfect fit for us!


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