Sunday, November 14, 2010

Projects around my house

I am really blessed to live with a kick ass furniture builder. He is self-taught, or more accurately, he and his dad have done wood working since he was little. And this was passed down from his father's father. I love tradition, and passing down what you love to do. Whether it is music, crafting, cooking or baseball. It's important to share what you love with your kids.

I need to be better about taking pictures of the beginning of projects. Adam can make sheets of plywood and ugly boards into amazing, beautiful pieces of art that are all around our home. I'll share more as time goes on.

This project started when he made a really nice entertainment center for some friends last spring and of course I started having furniture envy. I'm just like that. I was looking at one of my favorite catalogs for really cool ideas for the house, Ballard Designs, and saw some really beautiful pieces that were out of range with what we are willing to spend. But the seeds of ideas were planted and bit by bit we came up with a plan.

Here's the "shell". A good start, don't you think?

Pull out drawers were needed for game controllers, cords, remotes, etc. And I wanted it to sit up off the floor.

Doors are surprisingly hard to get square. And this was a 1st attempt at inset glass.

We found hardware that perfectly went with the paint & glaze treatment that we would be using.

The perfect glass was found at Village Glass Works on 10th Street. Someday I would love to take a stained glass class from them. They were really wonderful at helping me find exactly what I was trying to describe.

And just a couple weeks later, here are the beautiful results! This had so many steps to it, so considering that after work and weekends are all the time there is to work on it, it went fast. I am so pleased with it. That really doesn't begin to tell you how much I love it. :o)

I never remember to take pictures of the painting either since that's the part I am most involved with. It was painted white, then wiped with a glaze and chocolate colored paint mixture. This is the 2nd project we have used this paint technique, and I really love the look.

So now you understand when I say that Adam is an artist!




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