Saturday, July 16, 2011

A Myla Weekend

 So Miss Myla came to visit last weekend. Just a few days short of 3 months while she was here I really wasn't sure what to expect with this baby girl. What I didn't expect was that she would sleep all night when she wasn't in her own bed. Night #1 was a 9:30 to 7.10 morning. Night #2 she was asleep at 10:15 then woke up at 6. I'm thinkin "Yeah, that's more like it." Until she had a bottle and went back to sleep until 9. Danee doesn't know how good she has it.! 

She's smiley & is absolutely fascinated by TV. Harry Potter marathon was on the agenda for the weekend. Hey, don't judge. 

It's fun to watch Adam with the girls. He's getting used to babies being around. He's never been around them so I'd say he's adjusted well over time. 
I couldn't figure out if she was giving him some big news or a lecture

I love sleepy smiles. Wonder what she's dreaming about.

Danee couldn't get through the door fast enough to get this baby back & just like that, my Myla weekend was over. Can't wait for the next one!




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