Monday, September 5, 2011

Labor Day Weekend.... for real

So this Labor Day Weekend involved a lot of, well labor. Not so much for me but Adam moved 14,000 pounds (as in 7 tons) of stone from our side yard, down the back hill & onto the creek banks. 

I came home Thursday evening to a delivery of these boulders. Ok, maybe not QUITE boulders, but they were heavy! We had done a truck load of the same size back in March, but it didn't end up being enough.

When they built this subdivision they put in a very large storm drain that's directly adjacent to our property and runs into the creek behind our house. When we get a big rain it raises the creek very quickly, and I mean in minutes. In the last couple of years we've lost little pieces of the bottom yard and some trees from erosion.

 For a long while nobody would claim jurisdiction for this creek or tell us how we could fix it. Everyone we did  talk to knew that there were rules attached, but were unsure of who was in charge. Typical government agencies. We finally made contact with the right people, had them come out and give us the break down on what we could do to fix the problem. One of these ideas used a very nifty product with an gargantuan price tag. Of course. So we decided to start with the stone. That first load made a big difference so here we are at the second to finish it up.

Saturday morning started really early to beat the heat. It was in the 90's here, but the deal was he would work on it until 9, first so he didn't die of heat stroke and second so we could watch College Game Day & the first Mizzou game.

This is what 7 tons of stone looks like

This was after the load in March. With Annie there you get an idea of how big they are

All the way to the top now

Also, all the way to the bend in the creek

By Monday at 10 we had it cleaned up



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