Sunday, April 14, 2013

Myla Milestone

 Our sweet, tiny baby girl

Is now this sweet 2 year old, not so much of a baby, girl. 

Her mommy & daddy threw her a little party. Friends, "Aunties" galore, cousins & grandparents were there to celebrate. They made the brilliant decision to have the party at a local pizza place. Big enough for everyone, stuff to keep the kidos occupied, and NO CLEANUP. Perfect!

Once again, Danee's friend Katie made the cake. 
All the cousins were so helpful eating it
There were snap, crackle & pop treats for those who didn't want toddler mangled cake.
The ladybug treats were so cute!
The girl started strong, putting so much enthusiasm into opening her gifts...but of course she wanted to play. After all, she's 2 and her attention span is about what you'd expect. 

We gave her an outfit, a bikini for pool time this summer, some Princess sunglasses & a 2 dollar bill in honor of her #2 birthday. And then for the personal, Nana made gift I made her a book to save her artwork AKA "Myla's Masterpieces". Adam found the idea in, of all places, a Willie Nelson autobiography he was reading. This year I've decided that I'm going to write a letter for the girls on their birthdays. I wish so much that I had something like that from my grandma.

This year's letter
A bike!

Best reaction of the day- she loved the "MOUSE"
Grace brings the comic relief to our lives

Happy birthday Myla Marie! Can't wait to see all the fun you have this year.




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