Wednesday, April 17, 2013


April 15, 2013. Patriot Day in Boston also known as Marathon Monday. It'll never be the same. Ever. 

Whether it was domestic or foreign, it was an act of terror.

2 bombs, 3 dead and 100+ injured, as this is written  No words that I have come close to how everyone feels. 

It's rocked everyone to the core. Not to sound flippant or sarcastic, but it's cut so deep that the NY Yankee's have shown amazing support for Boston- maybe only baseball fans would know how outside the realm of possible that really is.

picture via @Yankees/Twitter

At first, inevitably, you hear the "there's no hope for the human race" comments. But as the day went on the cream started to rise. Runners left the race to go right to the hospital to donate blood. Strangers offering racers and family members the use of their cell phones, chargers, blankets, etc. We're resilient. We bounce.

I'm naive. I'm aware of it and choose to live with my glass half full (most of the time). I believe in the good in most people and how we are willing to help each other in a crisis. The stories that are coming out of Boston, and now the reaction of others around the country, did not disappoint my inner Pollyanna.

My prayers are going out to Boston and following each of the runners and family members as they make their ways home.




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