Tuesday, June 4, 2013


It seems like all I did in May was go to work, come home, have a glass of wine & decompress in front of whatever TV we DVR'd, go to bed and start all over again. 
But going through my pictures is always the best way to tell what I've done.  So in reality this is what May looked like.
We had Jake & Christina out and the boys made beer brats and seafood boudin. By made, I mean from scratch- we even ordered a piece for the Kitchen-Aid to stuff the sausages. They tasted amazing, and they really looked pretty- until you cooked them and they didn't stay in the casing. Oh well, 1st try was a success in my book. They had a great time, and we ate good food. 

 We had Mother's Day. It was a hectic, kid-fest and I loved it. 
This one isn't spoiled at all- I told her no more juice

I love how Myla loves her Gabi

Worn out Gwennie

We went on an Art Stroll. It was called the Arts & Drafts Stroll - several of the art and craft galleries in The District  a different Missouri brewer was had a tasting. Adam, Mark & I had a really nice evening.

Memorial Day weekend has been spent at the lake for the last few years. My wonderful friend Kim has a house and we're grateful to have secured a standing invite for the holiday weekend. 

This little stinker managed to take some skin of her nose while she was boarded.  

I was lucky & scored some tickets in a suite to the Royals vs Cards game. Of course we were the ONLY ones in Blue in the box. Oh well :o) I LOVE MY BOYS IN BLUE

A suite on a Wednesday night is a little wasted... all you can eat is great but the all you can drink part was wasted on us. We had a 2 hour drive home at midnight- 1 beer was about it. 

Holy Closings Batman! Memorial Day week is a short week, but there were no shortages of closings for office.

And then was a 2 year old birthday party. Danee's friends Kasey & Nate's little boy Mikah turned 2! I have to say, I've gotten a lot of joy watching the "babies" grow up. 
Bouncy House time!

Mikah's FAVORITE gift 
My friends Chris & Bill (who are also Mikah's Gram & Papa made these train cars. Brilliant!
The big kids needed a turn

That made all the little kids a little confused! 

Bubbles make any party better!
Hope your May was awesome!




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