Sunday, July 7, 2013

Happy Birthday 'Merica

 Our 4th this year was spent with Kelly & Emerson in Fayetteville. 
Em was all ready for a party!
This is Noah. He is such a cutie!

When it was time for fireworks the kids swarmed. Lance did such a good job giving all of them a turn with sparklers plus making sure they did it safely.

Em's 1st sparkler
Grown men are the biggest kids and those boys had a GREAT time.

It wouldn't be a trip for Adam if he didn't have something to do on the house. This time he pulled a holly bush out of the front yard and cleaned the gutters. He earned a doozie of a blister on his hand too. 

Off to have some fun! This brewery was meant for me, wouldn't you say??!

The tap room

We had the patio area pretty much to ourselves

Annie even got treats!

We stopped in Kansas City on the way home and visited with Danee, EJ & Myla. It was EJ's birthday so we went out to lunch. A short but fun visit. 
Pete loves her glasses
Hope you had a great holiday weekend! Now to get back to work. 




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