Monday, September 13, 2010


I've lived in a few places. I was born in California, moved to Alaska as a teenager, and to Missouri in my mid- 20's. And there were various cities in those different states. In a lot of ways I envy those people who's roots run so deep that they couldn't possibly be moved, even if they wanted to. But I also love that I have wide and varied view of life in very different areas of the country. But when I say HOME, I mean Alaska. The place where my family still lives (I really am the black sheep). When I land there I feel that I'm home, and when I leave, part of me is petrified I'll never be back again. But let's be real.... I was not made to live there.
Here is a tiny look into my whirlwind visit home- because when I go there, it isn't a vacation, it's a visit.
We left Kansas City at 6:45am~

By Noon (3pm KC time) this was the view from my window. God I miss mountains!

And She is my favorite mountain on the earth... The Sleeping Lady...
Sleeping Lady Legend

God I love this man! We have WAY too much fun! We spent a day with my very best-est girlfriend Patty, her hubby Todd and her kids, Adam & Kady. We wandered Anchorage downtown like tourists in the rain and had a great time!

We put 982 miles on the rental car. When you rent a car in Alaska you have to agree to keep it in the state. No really! Like where the hell are we going to take it?? You have to have your passport and registration to go into Canada, so I think we were pretty much stuck!

We drove to Fairbanks on Sunday and back on Monday. Quite a road trip! It is 6 1/2 hours each way so you better hope you are on good terms with the person you are stuck in the car with.

Can you see the rainbow? I saw 4 in a matter of a week.

Long drive...

I told you, it's a long drive. You do what you can to stay amused.

More mountains! I'm obsessed, can you tell??

The further north you go the more the leaves have changed. This is inside Denali Park and it is so amazingly beautiful it takes my breath away. The bridge is for the Alaska Railroad and although a long trip the Anchorage to Fairbanks train is more than worth it!

Fairbanks sits in the Tanana Valley. This is about 10 minutes out, but looks like you are still in the wilderness. Ok, you kinda are! This was taken at about 9pm. So although the end of August is cooling off and the leaves are changing, you still have lots of daylight! Something I LOVE.

We checked into the hotel a little after 9 and headed straight to Fox, Alaska to visit the
Silver Gulch Brewery for hands down, the very best fish and chips I have ever had in my life. Even better than London. Adam had halibut tacos that had a killer black bean salsa and just enough kick to feel it, but still taste the halibut. We had some great meals while we were there, but this was really the only 'vacation' part of the week and it tasted even better!

This is my sister Amy and I love love love this woman. She is 8 years younger than I am, and I used to take her with me everywhere possible. Not even kidding... she went on dates & she slept with me until I got married. She went with me and nobody questioned it, that's just the way it was!

This is a horrible picture as you can't see them, but this is my brother Matt & sister in law Brandy. They are so much fun and have been world travelers since they got married. Trying to get it out of their system before babies I think! Greece, Hawaii (a few times) a cruise around the tip of South America. I'm jealous.

These two heathens are my niece Avery & nephew Henry. They aren't really hellions, they just have unlimited energy and aren't afraid to use it! I decided to indoctrinate them early and brought them Mizzou gear for their birthdays.

This is me and I loved it. *big smile*

This is Hurricane Gulch and gulch doesn't really seem like quite the right term... I would say canyon.

It was very windy up there.... Can you just tell how much he loves me? Doesn't want to be out there, but does it anyway!

And off we go to the State Fair! Can't help it, I love the fair. Although, with only a few exceptions (thankfully this year was one) it is rainy, windy and cold.

This is one of the main reasons I had to go!

It's the giant veggies! You see, the almost constant daylight makes for some monsters!

I love this face! She is an exact replica of her mother, and I love her face too.

What is this you ask? It would be chocolate covered bacon. We at a lot of fair food. I would not recommend the bacon though. In theory I though it would be good... but didn't turn out that way. Oh well. It's always fun to try new stuff.

We were standing in line so Adam & I could take her on the ferris wheel and her mommy took this. She is clapping her hands and was sooooo excited.

Henry won a sword shooting goals. What's an Alaskan event without hockey??

One of the few shots I got of Casey & Henry... they went off to do the big kid rides.

This is the view from the ferris wheel, glacier and all. Quite a view don't you think?

And then in the blink of an eye, it's time to head back to CoMo. And this is the moment when I start to get the panic attack. When will I get back next? How long will it be? 2 years again? Probably, but it'll be ok. It's home.... it'll wait for me.


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