Monday, September 6, 2010


I have been on vacation. I don't just mean "leaving on a jet plane" vacation. I took a break from my computer, other than 1 very short session the night before we came home, and even mostly my phone. No, really! I know it is usually not more that a couple feet from me, if not in my pocket, and I act like I would stop breathing if I didn't have but I did pretty well. And are you ready for this?? I only made a few posts to Facebook, mostly to let my friends in Alaska & the kids know what was going on. And lo & behold, a friend from high school that I have not seen since 1997 saw that I was there and we were able to touch base. And the real shocker... I only opened Twitter a handful of times (I think 3 or 4). Talk about going cold turkey! I felt a little bad about it. When people go on trips, I LOVE to get updates and posts about what they are doing and seeing.
Why did I willingly and purposefully go without technology for a week (mostly)? I guess I just really needed to unplug. I have not seen my sister in 2 years and desperately needed to visit with her, and time with her was too short as it was. I didn't want to be constantly checking email, Twitter, etc. So, I'm back and pictures of the beautiful places we were will follow... soon.


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