Sunday, January 29, 2012

Friend weekend

After almost a week of being puny, I'm feeling much better the last couple of days. My head is no longer full of snot or feeling like it may explode from the internal pressure. I only made it to they gym once this week. The one day I went I kept telling myself that I was using a head cold as an excuse to skip and that I better suck it up and go. MISTAKE. But now I'm feeling better and I'll be back at it this week. I have goals, and more importantly, I have rewards to give myself for meeting those goals. Just keepin it real.

I really could have used some gym time this week. Deadlines galore looming ahead for me at work. W-2's and 1099's have to be out by Tuesday. And last year has to be closed out and sent to the "Big Accountant" to do corporate taxes. This is when I get to see all my little mistakes (god forbid, big ones too) blown up to billboard size. Ok fine, it's not that bad, but I feel like a company wide email goes out that says "Guess what she did this time!" 

Towards the middle of the week I got a text from Darla wanting to know if we had plans for the weekend. I had set up a date with my jammies and Google reader, but time with friends is important too. My weekend put the cherry on the sundae as far as a bad fittness week for me. Let me explain.

 We met at Booches Friday evening. You know how it is when you haven't had a food you love in a long time how delicious it is? That's how it was, so yummy!  You'd be proud of me though. I only had one burger! Hard I know, but do-able.

Wet snowball snow fell as we chatted and caught up with each other a little, and it was really pretty when we left. I  did something I hardly ever do anymore. I left my camera at home, so no snow pic. So disappointing.

Mizzou played on Saturday at lunch time so off we went to Shakespear's  to watch the game and have some more "not on my fitness plan", but delicious food. I could have done worse I guess. I shared some salad, had one piece of pizza and one piece of cheese bread. And the best part, our Tigers won! :o)

Off to Hobby Lobby to gather supplies for a project. It's a secret project, so explanation will have to come later for that. But here's a teaser....

Then the coup de grace for "not so healthy food weekend" Matthew taught me how he makes his red alfredo linguine with blackened chicken. Very easy, very delicious. I'll share this week so you can make it too.

I guess I need to get a few things accomplished before the day is over. Plus, we have one more fun thing planned for this evening, to finish off the weekend. So I'm off to do something, and get ready for date night.




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