Saturday, January 7, 2012

Quiet Saturday night

It's winter, and usually this time of year I want to be at home as much as I possibly can on the weekends. But this week has been freakishly warm. Thursday and Friday both were in the high 60's.  

So instead of hibernating on Friday night we went out for dinner and then for drinks with two of my favorite CoMo friends, Jennifer and John. We met at Coley's  so progress could be made on the martini punch card. You heard me right. A punch card for martinis. They have good food too. :o)

So tonight, we get to be lazy and stay at home. Catching up on blogs, trying to decide what I want to change about mine. Playing fetch. Playing Zelda. Oh and I can't forget Pinterest, that sucked me in for who knows how long! It's been a good night.

She's a 2 year old in a dachshund's body. Just when you put the toys away she pulls the whole basket down.

A little Bailey's and coffee. 

Snuggle puppy

Hope your Saturday was all that you wanted it to be! Mine was. 




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