Sunday, January 22, 2012

Here she is... 2012

It's come and gone for another year. Miss America. I explained last year in this post our fun girl's weekend. This year, because our family grew by 3 babies, there were more of us than ever. You should have seen my house... Danee and Courtney in my bed and a pack-n-play. Kelly and Darla in the guest room with yet another pack-n-play. Britt on an air mattress in the office with, yep, a pack-n-play. Me on the love seat, Jen on the couch and Gabi and Olivia on the floor in sleeping bags. Full house and I love it.

The invite for the year read-
Ok Ladies! Get your blind picks ready it's that time of year again. Time for an amazing night of trash talkin', dress dis'in, talent hatin. All in good fun of course. Time to bring it and as always only 1 emerges with THE crown.

Kelly and Emerson came on Friday night. We ate a little pizza (ok maybe more than a little) had a little wine, and did a little bit of catching up. 
Bath time for Emmie & Annie needs to know what's going on

Saturday the troops start rolling in. Chaos ensues. It's wonderful. We haven't had the babies together for a long time and they were so much fun. 

It always amazes me. It started with 3 friends. 

Of course food is always a big part of the fun. Jamie and Danee made mexi bean dip & guacamole that were so good.   

This picture will forever make me smile. I wish I knew what these too were talking about! I'm sure it's something girlie and adorable. Or maybe they're making plans on how they'll take over the family.

Miss Gabi had a birthday on Friday so we had to include a little party within a party. She wore her fancy party dress for the day too. :o)

This year's picks. The boy's are on there too- we let them pick but they can't win, of course.

After a great day of unwinding, visiting, eating and drinking- with maybe a little trash talking thrown in here and there- it's time to get down to it. 

I'm not sure what I love move about this picture. Her choice for the swim suit competition, or the fact that she's hooked on tech already. She turned on the video camera and was filming herself- just like a mirror to her.

One by one our girls are out. We've sat through some horrible dress choices (Miss Alabama), some really cute bathing suits, and some interesting talent, and now we're down to the end... 

And the winner is.... Miss Wisconsin! Not Courtney's blind pick but a winner all the same.

Court's just a little excited... she's never won before and was pretty jazzed to get that crown on her head.

Someone forgot to tell the girl that waterproof mascara is a must

Miss Wisconsin & Miss Oklahoma- Miss America & first runner up. 

And of course the birthday girl needed her own sash and tiara! 

Now to start planning for next year!



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  1. great memories lady.. I love ya. Looking forward to next year. God only knows how many pack n plays and what else we will have added by then. :)