Monday, March 21, 2011

Meet me under the clock...

We had a great weekend get away this week. A wonderful friend had a birthday party and so we just decided to go all in. We played tourist in Kansas City, a city that I lived near for almost 15 years. This usually means you forget all the amazing things it has to offer.

Shopping played a big part in Saturday. It was storming away, so inside was the name of the game. World Market was on the agenda for sure. Left with wine, beer, water & a gift. I could wander for hours. Several more shopping stops & then lunch at Jack Stack Barbecue at the Freight House. I mean, come on. We were in Kansas City & playing the part, gotta have barbecue. And it was soooo good.

Since it was still raining cats & dogs we checked in to the hotel.
Crown Center has "The Link" which allows you to cross to Union Station without going outside so off we went.

Now, what I really what I had wanted to do while we were in KC was to see the Princess Diana exhibit housed there right now. But, this didn't work out for Danee this weekend so we will go back when time isn't an issue, and we can spend as much time as we want.

My 2nd reason for visiting was to take pictures of all the amazing architecture & renovation work of course.

But mostly of "the clocks". It was raining to hard so the lamppost clock was out of the question but....

There is this little beauty that is just amazing.

This is the piece of history that I came to see....
You stand in this massive room that used to be the North Waiting Room, and if you concentrate very hard you can feel the soldiers that came through during WWII, passing right under this clock. Half of all of our boys are said to have passed through here. Or hear the gunshots of the Kansas City Massacre. Or all the Harvey Girls who worked there.

I'm not even kidding.... I could feel them all.

I think we need to "play tourist" more often.




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