Monday, March 7, 2011

Planning for Spring

Alright already! I NEED some Spring. I'm getting flat out cranky. I keep trying to talk myself into a better attitude. I mean really, when you put it in perspective, I'm being a real whiner & that's not a me that I really like. My life is good, I have a lot to be thankful for & I'm surly with a tendency toward downright bitchy. At least I know it right? Ok, maybe not.
So, I've decided to start planning for Spring.
We are doing herbs & some vegis again, but flowers are what I'm thinking about.
I'm planning on getting a couple little helpers next weekend and if it's warm enough, getting a couple of kid sized rakes and getting the lower yard cleaned up and bit. I'm going to just spread wild flower seeds down there and see what happens!
In some ways I love that we bought new construction. It's ours to make of it what we can, right? This works well when I have a clear vision. But landscaping scrambles my brains. Too many beautiful options, and those options are not inexpensive. Then you put the pressure of needing to know what plants can go where and it's a lot to plan!
So I've started with the "what do I like" game.....

Love these burning bushes. I think I'll put some on the side of my house. It's really empty over there and needs some great color. They will look amazing against the yellow of the house!

Speaking of yellow.... I LOVE forsythias. They scream SPRING IS FINALLY HERE! I planted one last year (it's still a lot smaller than this, but someday!) and I'm thrilled to report that, even after being completely buried under the snow, it is starting to bud.

I planted 1 hydrangea last year, and am planning to do 2 more this year in the front beds. These beautiful bushes remind me of my Gram. Here house is surrounded by hedges of this blue puff balls. They just make me happy.
What am I missing? Anything you think I should consider?


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