Wednesday, March 30, 2011

She's getting to be a big girl

We brought this little girl home almost 6 months ago. She is getting so big & I love her to death. 

I've been thinking about getting her a brother. My hesitation is that we go away for the weekend quite a bit. With one 8 lb dog it's easy. If we got another, it would make that more difficult I think. Any thoughts? Advice? 

Happy Wednesday!




  1. i've got a 13lb chihuahua mix that's about 10 months old and i wouldn't trust him at home alone for a weekend. i'd have to have someone come over to feed and walk him or i'd have to board him. i don't see it being any easier or harder to have two dogs it would just be more expensive. but if you can afford it, i think the benefit of owning pets outweighs the cost.

  2. @Carrie I agree about more expensive. Have been thinking she would be happier with someone at home with her during the day. Thank you for the help!

  3. We got a second cat to help occupy the first one so he wouldn't interrupt our sleep as much. It definitely helped. I have heard that animals are happier in pairs.

    If you got someone to stay at or stop by your house while you were away, or even boarded her I think she might appreciate the brother. :)

    Steven is begging me to let him get a dog. I have to keep reminding him we need a house with a fenced in yard first!

  4. Hi Lissa,
    Just dropping by from "lady bloggers society"
    We have four grown children as well and like to get away. We have a boxer and used to board him...

    A neighbor of ours was layed off from work last fall and was forced to place "handyman for hire" signs around the neighborhood. So, we hired him to come in and care for our dog. We agreed on $20.00/day, much cheaper than boarding and our doggie gets to stay in his own home. I too want to get a second boxer., If we do, we'll just purchase a second kennel and hire our trustworthy neighbor!!

  5. Hi,
    Popping in from Lady Blogger.
    Ohhh, she is soooo lovely. So sweet.

    I wiswh I could cuddle with her.


  6. Hello I'm from the Lady Blogger Tea Party, nice dog! soo cute!