Sunday, June 12, 2011

Diana a Celebration~ Kansas City Union Station

How about 1 more little road trip? Oh come on, it's just 300 miles or so! 
Friday Adam & I hopped in the truck and headed back out to KC to meet up with Danee, Jamie & Myla, and see
I was pretty optimistic that it would work on this, our 3rd attempt. The fates had worked against us the last 2 tries, so this time just HAD to work.
You see, I'm one of THOSE people. A Royal watcher yes, but pretty much all things English, Scottish or Irish fascinate me. My freshman year of high school when I had a British pen pal (yes, real letters) started my borderline obsession. Even on of my very favorite author Rosamunde Pilcher is British.
 So I watched, along with the rest of the world, as Diana Spencer married Prince Charles the summer between my freshman & sophomore years of high school. And  a few years later I did the same with Prince Andrew & Sarah Ferguson. And, of course, again with Prince William & Kate Middleton. Not to mention watching the funeral of Princess Di in the wee hours of the morning. 
Danee & I were so lucky to visit London when she was in High School. Sometimes after dreaming about doing something for so long it can be disappointing, not quite living up to super high expectations. Not this time.
 I LOVE London.  

Diana a Celebration at Kansas City Union Station

Those cheeks KILL me! She'll remember her Princess Di visit don't you think?

There were guest books to sign & leave your thoughts on the exhibit or share a memory of Diana

No photography was allowed inside the exhibit so watch this  or look at these to get an idea of what the exhibit is like.

High points for me?  From childhood- school uniform, diary, letter to her parents, ballet slippers. Personal bits- her passport, various correspondence, a prayer book from Mother Theresa. Her dad was an amateur photographer ( a good one too!) so there is a personal photo album of wedding celebration photos. A copy of the score for Candle in the Wind with Elton John's notes on it. Her brother Charles' eulogy.  THE WEDDING DRESS. I'll admit it, I went thinking this would be the holy grail. A collection of her dresses through the years. From the early 80's to the very last of her dresses- it's fun to see how much fashion has changed over time. And then there was a room that was a complete surprise to me. When you walk in you see 2, very large, glassed in book shelves with HUNDREDS of books. "Books, I love books"- is what I was thinking. But then you start to read the placard, and you realize that they are all Books of Condolence from around the world. They didn't call her the "People's Princess" for nothing.




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