Sunday, June 26, 2011

Cicada symphony ends

Columbia was invaded. We've reached end of the little suckers life span, but what a loud life they have. If I was only going to live for a few weeks? Yeah I'd be as loud as I could be too. Just sayin.  

I hear them every summer (I actually like their song), but didn't really know anything about them. This little graph gave me some pretty cool facts.  

I took this video June 8th, which seemed like the peak of their life. There's a couple of jumpy parts... I was being dive bombed.

Creepy lookin little guys, aren't they?

Annie kept "sneaking" them in the house. Pretty sure she just kept them in her mouth and carried them in. I don't think she ever actually ate one, just played with them.

Then she'd get all bummed out when they stopped buzzing at her.




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