Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Happy Summer Solstice

I there a few days every year that I get homesick- always. This week is one of those times. Today is Summer Solstice. In Missouri it's something that we think about because it's the first day of Summer. But in Alaska, and especially Fairbanks, the land of the midnight sun? It's a week long celebration .

My very favorite event? The Midnight Sun Baseball Game.  And when they say midnight sun, that's what they mean. The Fairbanks Goldpanners throw the first pitch at 10:30 pm and there were years when we were at the field until 3 in the morning. At the 1/2 inning closest to midnight they stop the game and sing the Alaska Flag song. This video shows you just how bright midnight can be. *sigh*

No matter where I celebrate the day, it's still the first day of Summer, the beginning of my very favorite season!




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