Saturday, June 11, 2011

Operation "Save the Shed"

So I showed you the fun part of last weekend's road trip to Arkansas. But there was something else that took us that way. A few weeks ago Adam got an email from Chad. One of their big, pretty trees had been growing INTO the shed and it was time to do something about it. The bid to take the tree out was crazy high & they wanted to save the tree anyway. The question- Did Adam think there was a way to save both the tree & the shed. 

First, as we said many times last weekend, this isn't a "shed" it's a barn. It's bigger than some apartments & has a loft. Replacing it would have even more that cutting the tree down. So, it was the engineering brain, Builder Bob to the rescue. I had no doubts (ok maybe 1) that he could rock this challenge.

It was so hot last weekend. The guys went through a case of bottled water, a 6 pack of Gatorade & a 12 pack of beer. 

For 2 hard days of work Adam earned himself a weekend pass to the Bridger's very exclusive Cabin Club at the Lake! Woo! Not sure which lake though. Hmmm.... think he'll take me?? 

Here's where we started

Before they could demo, the new walls had to go up

New wall going up

Framing, walls, flashing & weather proofing. DONE

How do you cool off & celebrate? Margaritas of course!




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