Monday, October 24, 2011

Bringing our friends to CoMo

After our whirlwind 2 days in St Louis we headed home to show off a little of "home". We hadn't eaten since breakfast so 1st stop was of course Flat Branch . We have several places in town that we eat at a lot, but this is usually #1 on the short list. In the 8+ years I've been eating there I've never had a bad meal. Never. I'm so hard to please that that's saying something! Besides, beer was the theme of the week, so why buck the trend. I'm totally addicted to the sweet potato chips. Cinnamon, sugar and some kind of sour cream goodness to dip them into. I think I could eat every last one all by myself.   

Remember I said there were presents involved in this visit? Adam got multiple bottles of beer from several Alaska breweries. A couple of them are even available at Hy-Vee now. How's this for a beer name?

Oh look, more beer stuff! :o)  This growler caddy is pretty sweet. I was told I need to lock Adam and Todd in the garage for a week and see what kind of amazingness they come up with. Todd makes these and sells them at craft fairs and Saturday market. 

 THIS is my gift. It's "a dog that won't run away". :o) 

After a great night's sleep in my own bed we had a lazy breakfast, lots of coffee and some catch up. I'm so thankful for these friends. 

We did the "Tour of CoMo"  later in the morning and early afternoon. Campus, stadium, Team Store, then walked around downtown. The weather continued to cooperate like it wanted to show off a little too. 

Danee and Myla came out to visit for a while. Girlfriend can wrap the men around her chunky little finger can't she?

The rest of our time in Columbia was spent just hanging out, cooking and enjoying our time together. 



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  1. So fun! I love that growler carrier!

    I think the Flat Branch chip dip is a horseradish sauce. So yummy!