Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Chili Cook-off 2011

I'll go back to some more super amazing vacation, but I want to brag a little about an event that our office has had for the last 5 years.

3 days after I went back to work we had our annual Chili Cook-Off. In October 2007 we started a snowball down a hill. 6 of the staff cooked our favorite chili, invited a bunch a people and had ourselves a fundraiser! All the profits to our cook-offs go the Mid- Missouri chapter of Susan G Komen for the Cure. We can't open this event to the public, but I feel like we do a great thing with the resources we have.  

From 6 entries to 21 in 5 years. It's exhausting but so much fun too. With chili names like "cheapest gas in town" and "just eat it" how can it NOT be fun. 

We did a PINK candy bar

For $1 you could guess the number of jelly beans in the jar....  989. Yes, I'm the jelly bean counter. Ha-ha! Bean counter- jelly bean counter- get it? Huh? Ok, never mind.

We also have a dessert auction. All our desserts are donated by staff or agents- all homemade!

This beauty is a chocolate truffle layer cake and sold for $150.

Vanilla bean cheesecake.  It went for $105.

So let me break it down. Delicious, inventive chili. Dessert table covered in all kinds of yummy goodness. Generous, fun people willing to come out for a wonderful cause. And a smidge over $2000 raised! 

See why I needed to brag a little? 


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