Sunday, October 2, 2011

The Fred Flintstone Project begins

We've had a lot of rock projects going on the last month or so. We had the Labor Day creek project & now we have, what I've started calling the Fred Flintstone Project. Adam got a hold of a sandstone foundation from an old farm house and this much has made it to our house (so far)

My 1st instinct is, I want Stonehenge  in my yard! Maybe with another load.

How big are they? Um HUGE. Granted, my feet aren't that big but here's some perspective.

Annie wanted in on the action too.

So how do you move these monsters by yourself? You didn't think I could help did you? Take one 4 wheeler, one super big chain and a piece of plywood to use as a "sled", oh and a few doses of ibuprofen and there you go.

This one is sooo much work. Heavy, heavy work. Thanks Adam. You "rock"


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