Sunday, October 23, 2011

Vaca- Day 2 in St Louis

So day 1 in St Louis was pretty perfect. And this is the view that greeted me on day 2. 

Yeah, wow.

 We were all eager to get going and see what the day had in store for us. So off we went to find breakfast. Beautiful doesn't really begin to describe the weather. It was PERFECT. 

The fountain at Kiener Plaza was Cardinal Red.

Everywhere you went there was a reminder that the Cards were still in it. And as I sit to write this they are playing the Texas Rangers for their 11th World Championship. 

You can't possibly take guests to St Louis and not go to the Gateway Arch.  I'm pretty sure that everyone who stands at the base with a camera has this same shot. :o) The history of this landmark fascinates me, but what history doesn't? I think I'll hunt down the documentary about the planning and history. 

I think Todd was planning on how to make his own!

Poor Adam. He spent quite a while on the phone with the office trying to iron out some issues.

While he did that, we walked down the stairs to the water. Todd had to put his foot in the Mississippi River. Honestly it grossed me out and I kept hoping he didn't get some staph infection.  EEEWWW!

If you've never been to the arch, the ride up is not for someone who's claustrophobic. Those little pods are itty bitty. So even though Todd is not thrilled with tight spaces OR heights, Patty went ahead a got him a ticket. After we came down he did say he was really glad he'd gone up.

If you look toward the ground from the center window you can see the legs below you. It's a pretty strange feeling.

This is where we stayed- The Millennium Hotel. It was built in the late 60's and early 70's and in some ways it's dated, but what cool old girl she is. Someday I'd like to eat dinner at the rotating restaurant at the top. 

The older I get the longer my bucket list gets. At this rate, I'll be 150 before I die.

The obligatory pic of Busch Stadium. I think it's a rule to take it. 

Once we were finished downtown we headed out to get some free beer at the Anheuser-Busch Brewery Tour . The highlight for me? The dalmatians were in the stables with the Clydesdales.  They were so patient with us! Actually, I'm pretty sure they were showing off.

I took SO many pictures of the cool buildings and architecture. 

2 beers each and a stop at the gift shop put us into late afternoon. Although we could have done a couple more days and not run out of things to do, we climbed in the truck and headed west. Time to show them CoMo and our home!  Besides, they brought presents and I was dying to know what they were. 




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