Friday, October 8, 2010

Happy Friday

Friday. 5:30pm give or take. I told Adam last week that these are my favorite moments of the week. I walk into the house. It's our sanctuary & nest that we put so much time, energy & love into... the safe zone. And there it is.... the whole weekend stretches in front of us to make of it what we choose. I love Friday evening.

This weekend is not going to be a "restful" one. But that's cool. I'm going to pick up the 2 oldest "babies" in the morning & then watch out! We are going to skip Pumpkin Fest this year (sorry Robert!) head out to Peach Tree Farm & see what kind of trouble we can get into out there. Poor Adam may not make it as he has put in more than 80 hours this week.

So next week beware, there will be lots of pics of my precious treasure... My Stinker Bell & Princess Maggie Beth. :o)

Happy Friday... hope it was this peaceful....




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