Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Salsa & Peppers

This spring we decided to plant a kitchen garden. We bought some edging, removed grass, hauled topsoil & compost and just like that we had a great little spot right off the corner of the deck. The first thought was just herbs, but Adam had thought that tomatoes & peppers were a great idea too. He was soooo right! We ended up with 3 types of tomatoes, banana peppers & jalapeƱos. As for herbs it's basil, spicy oregano, thyme, dill & rosemary.

I think it must have been the act of planting a garden. I think I need to add that this in itself is something I never though I would enjoy, but really wanted fresh herbs.

This is the first batch of peppers

We decided to pickle & can them. They turned out amazing!

I didn't take pictures during the process, but this is the salsa. We didn't get a lot, but learned a lot about the process & found a really good recipe that we tweaked just a little. It's pretty sweet with a great kick at the end. I'm thinking about buying a flat of tomatoes to make more.

So our first summer of a garden & what came out of it went really well. We learned that we need to move some things around & maybe make a different area for just a salsa garden.

In January & February I'm going to really enjoy opening a jar and remembering the summer.




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