Saturday, October 2, 2010

My fondest wish... for the moment

I want a camera. Ok, I HAVE a camera, and it is a great little camera. It takes really good photos and it's small and fits in my bag. This means I (almost) always have it with me. And on any given trip or even walk I just stop, point & shoot.

I want a DSLR... I kinda feel silly even using that term, like I'm not really worthy of using the terminology. Yeah, that's a completely different issue. I am forever gravitating toward blogs that give me info on RAW vs JPG, aperature & shutter speed... I'll just say it is one more thing for me to geek out on.

Where am I in the process?? Paralyzed by my choices! Nikon vs Canon vs Sony, do I need video, do I want to get a package deal so there is an extra lens?? AAAAHHHH

I have talked to a lot of people who have different cameras (this is good & bad) and have come to realize that people are very loyal to their brands, yet I have received some really helpful info. All of it will go into helping make my decision. What is the big deal you ask? In my fear induced thoughts this is what happens... I am going to spend a lot of money and then 2 weeks later I find something that fits my needs, and lets face it, that I just like better. So my next step? I'm going to head down to Columbia Photo and ask a ba-zillion questions. They should love me. HA!


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